Desert Air Systems assures that the quality of our service will exceed your expectations.

Experienced and trained, Desert Air Systems technicians are proficient in delivering services to commercial establishments. We are proud to say that our commercial staff has the expertise and training to take care of your commercial heating and cooling needs. Our services include installation and repair of air conditioning equipment from the major commercial brands. In addition, we are also primed to deliver other services such as system design, indoor air quality assessment, control system calibration and programming, energy efficiency evaluation, and preventive maintenance.

Be it a small retail boutique, a restaurant, or a multi-tenant office, we are ready and equipped to assist you with installation, repair, or maintenance of your cooling or heating system. Our same day service is applicable to the entire Phoenix, AZ area.

We understand that commercial building requirements vary thus we offer various maintenance plan options to meet your specific needs.

Our professional team is more than willing to demonstrate their competence. For a consultation, or commercial service request, please contact us…

We will be happy to assist you with your concerns as well as discuss each step in determining all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.