Why do I need a regular service for my cooling/heating equipment?
Heaters and A/C will work more efficiently if the system is kept clean and in order. Electrical consumption will be lower because your equipment performs properly. Lifespan of the equipment will also be prolonged thus eliminating repair, maintenance and/or replacement costs.

How often should I have my unit checked?
Generally, a yearly tune-up is recommended. However, duration varies depending on the constancy of use and other environmental factors. Residential air conditioners are recommended to be checked and serviced once every six months while commercial air conditioners need to be tuned-up at least once a month. Have your unit assessed by a qualified technician to identify the exact time frame as to when you need your systems to be checked.

Can I perform the maintenance by myself?
Basically, cooling and heating system owners are responsible for the efficient performance of their equipment. When it comes to basic maintenance like cleaning of air filter and external panel, an owner can perform such every 2 weeks. However, total and complete service may only be delivered by experienced and proficient technicians.

Will you be able to provide service to all types of air conditioning units?
We are equipped and capable of rendering service to most air conditioner types and brands. Whether you have a window air con, a casement air con, a residential split cooling system, or a commercial cooling unit, guaranteed that our professional staff will be able to effectively address your concern.

What are the brands of cooling and heating systems that your company services?
Desert Air Systems can service a range of cooling and heating equipment. Units from the following brands may be installed, repaired, or serviced:

Sanyo Air Conditioner
Carrier Air Conditioner
Samsung Air Conditioner
Sharp Air Conditioner
Hitachi Air Conditioner
Fuji Air Conditioner
York Air Conditioner
LG Air Conditioner
Toshiba Air Conditioner
National Air Conditioner
Panasonic Air Conditioner

What are my payment options?
We accept cash, check, Master Card, and Visa payments.
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